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Jess the Music Therapist Services

Bookings for 1:1 Music Therapy sessions can be arranged via email at

Sessions are delivered in 3 different formats.

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Home Visit 

Jess the Music Therapist can visit your house for music therapy sessions. All Instruments and equipment will be provided.This Face-to-Face options may be suitable for those who do not engage well with online delivery. An at- home risk assessment will be completed before commencement of sessions. Travel fees apply. 

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School Visit 

Jess the Music Therapist can conduct music therapy sessions at a child's school or kinder. This option may be beneficial for children who are requiring assistance with regulation and engagement in the school environment. Travel fees apply.

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Utilising a secure and safe telehealth platform, Jess the Music Therapist can provide individualised music therapy sessions online. This may be more suitable for people who struggle to engage face-to-face or live in remote areas. This online option is open to clients Australia-wide. 


NDIS participants who are plan-managed or self-managed can access Jess the Music Therapist services 

Other Services

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Vocal Lessons 

Did you know that Jess the Music Therapist is a university trained opera singer? If you or someone you know is interested in learning about vocal health or singing lessons,  please don't hesitate to get in contact. 

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