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Fee Information 


Hourly Rate: $193.99 (this rate is in accordance with the NDIS Price Guide 23-24). 

An hour session includes 45 minutes of face to face intervention and 15 minutes of documentation and preparation time. 

NDIS progress reports are also available for $193.99 per hour. 2 hour is needed for per report. 


Travel costs vary between clients due to kilometres and time travelled. Please get in contact with Jess the Music Therapist to discuss this cost. Note: Travel costs are in accordance with the NDIS Price Guide 23-24. 

if you would like more information about the NDIS price Guide Click Here.


If you do not have NDIS funding and are a private paying client, please get in contact to discuss fee rates.


If you are a participant of the NDIS who is Plan or Self managed, Registered Music Therapy is an approved allied health support under Therapeutic Supports Capacity Building. 

Support Category: Therapeutic Supports Capacity Building Daily

Over 7 Years Item Number:  15_615_0128_1_3

Under 7 years Item Number: 15_005_0118_1_3


As per the NDIS Pricing Arrangements & Price Limits, Jess the Music Therapist will charge 100% of the agreed fee associated with the scheduled support, for short-notice cancellation under 24 hours and non-attendance. Sessions cancelled outside this time bracket will not incur a fee

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